August 21, 2017 Eclipse at Powell Butte, Oregon by Tanya Klowden

Scenes from quarantine — Day 365:

In August of 2017, in a very hastily planned trip, we piled our family of five into the car and drove nearly a thousand miles into the very middle of the path of totality of a solar eclipse.

There, in a field miles away from anything we were plunged into darkness in the middle of the day and in just over one minute of our lives, found ourselves transformed forever.

I had planned and read and intellectually knew what a total solar eclipse was. A quirk of the moon’s orbit and its particular size…

Tanya Klowden

Tanya Klowden is a parent, scientist, designer, and person in her neighborhood. As she writes she seeks to amplify the voices that have been hushed in history.

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